Ortur LM2 pro 30w

I have had this particular laser for a little ove a month now and have been exclusively using it for tiles using the Norton method. I have done various sizes and they started out looking fantastic in grayscale after I got the settings down. I use it every day and maintain it and clean it regularly. The quality of my scans has been drastically going down hill. Full disclaimer I have been working with Ortur to try to diagnose this but the tech and I are confused because everyday there is a different issue. I thought I would toss the problem out here to see if anyone has had a similar experience. I will include an array of pictures to show you how the quality has changed over the last month. Lately there has been no rhyme or reason to the quality issues…started with lines in the picture and then turned to way too dark on the min end…then to almost no min end…then way to dark on the max end…then very light on the min end. Mind you these are all processed the same way and scanned on the same settings

I should add…Windows 10 is up-to-date latest version of Lightburn and here is a picture of my settings I have used forall of them.

That Darth Vader tile is amazing

Ortur is making this right and sending me a new module…i have to say even though we couldn’t figure out why this happened the tech was top notch and very responsive