Ortur LM3 out of round

I have a Ortur LM3 and just noticed that after the latest Lightburn and Ortur updates I’m now getting out of round or misaligned burns. I’ve retentioned both the x and y belts and the error has remained consistent after multiple attempts. Based on the fact that after multiple attempts at adjusting the tension and having the problem remain fairly consistent, it seems to me to be more of a software issue. Any thoughts on rolling back to the prior version of Lightburn to see if that fixes it? or ???

Why try to correct a fault by mechanical adjustments when it only occurred after a software update? Yes reinstall your previous version of Lightburn and if that solves the problem you will know it’s down to the update.
At a guess your main settings have been changed by the update

The updates may have misplaced the settings or preferences. These can be recovered by clicking File then selecting Load Prefs Backup and selecting a time when your setup was working well for you.

After the previous preferences are loaded,

  • click Edit,
  • then select Machine Settings
  • and click Write

This will replace any settings that may be contributing to out-of-round engravings.

It’s considerably more likely that something has worked loose and the software / firmware updates are coincidental.

With everything powered down, wiggle the laser engraver head and look for free motion or any loose hardware without the motors running. Sometimes the tensioner wheel backs off and allows the engrave head to much freedom to move.

Slowly move the laser engraver head back and forth along both the X-Axis and the Y-Axis and look for backlash and looseness along each axis.

After that, the final step is to test every set screw or grub screw in every pulley and idler with the Allen Wrench or hex key to confirm that the screws are tight. These screws can look tight and appear that all is well until tested with the wrench.

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