Ortur Master 2 : Alarm2 ; return to user-defined finish pos G0 X-xx Y-yy

I have an ortur master 2 machine, with an alarm when trying to execute a code.
I did the firmware update few days ago.
I have also tested with LaserGRBL and it works without problems.

ALARM:2 G-code motion target exceeds machine travel. Machine position safely retained. The alarm can be unlocked. (Right click on the 'Devices' button to re-establish connection) At or near line 4: Job stopped Transmission completed at 0:00 
[MSG:Reset to continue]
Ortur Laser Master 2 Ready! 
OLF 142. 
Grbl 1.1h ['$' for help] 
[MSG:'$H'|'$X' to unlock] 
[MSG:Caution: Unlocked] 





I’m trying to make a circle

GCode Generated

; LightBurn 1.2.00
; GRBL device profile, absolute coords
; Bounds: X182 Y196.5 to X218 Y233.5
G00 G17 G40 G21 G54
; Cut @ 2000 mm/min, 1% power
G0 X192.994Y2268.384
; Layer C00
G1 X192.196Y2272.629S10F2000
G1 X191.42Y2277.311
G1 X190.666Y2282.415
G1 X189.936Y2287.929
G1 X189.23Y2293.84
G1 X188.55Y2300.133
G1 X187.897Y2306.796
G1 X187.272Y2313.816
G1 X186.676Y2321.178
G1 X186.11Y2328.87
G1 X185.576Y2336.879
G1 X185.074Y2345.19
G1 X184.606Y2353.791
G1 X184.172Y2362.669
G1 X183.775Y2371.81
G1 X183.415Y2381.2
G1 X183.092Y2390.827
G1 X182.809Y2400.677
G1 X182.567Y2410.738
G1 X182.366Y2420.994
G1 X182.207Y2431.434
G1 X182.093Y2442.043
G1 X182.023Y2452.809
G1 X182Y2463.718
G1 X182.023Y2474.628
G1 X182.093Y2485.394
G1 X182.207Y2496.003
G1 X182.366Y2506.443
G1 X182.567Y2516.699
G1 X182.809Y2526.759
G1 X183.092Y2536.609
G1 X183.415Y2546.236
G1 X183.775Y2555.627
G1 X184.172Y2564.768
G1 X184.606Y2573.645
G1 X185.074Y2582.247
G1 X185.576Y2590.558
G1 X186.11Y2598.567
G1 X186.676Y2606.259
G1 X187.272Y2613.621
G1 X187.897Y2620.64
G1 X188.55Y2627.303
G1 X189.23Y2633.597
G1 X189.936Y2639.507
G1 X190.666Y2645.021
G1 X191.42Y2650.126
G1 X192.196Y2654.808
G1 X192.994Y2659.053
G1 X193.811Y2662.849
G1 X194.647Y2666.182
G1 X195.501Y2669.039
G1 X196.372Y2671.406
G1 X197.259Y2673.27
G1 X198.16Y2674.618
G1 X199.074Y2675.437
G1 X200Y2675.713
G1 X200.926Y2675.437
G1 X201.84Y2674.618
G1 X202.741Y2673.27
G1 X203.628Y2671.406
G1 X204.499Y2669.039
G1 X205.353Y2666.182
G1 X206.189Y2662.849
G1 X207.006Y2659.053
G1 X207.804Y2654.808
G1 X208.58Y2650.126
G1 X209.334Y2645.021
G1 X210.064Y2639.507
G1 X210.77Y2633.597
G1 X211.45Y2627.303
G1 X212.103Y2620.64
G1 X212.728Y2613.621
G1 X213.324Y2606.259
G1 X213.89Y2598.567
G1 X214.424Y2590.558
G1 X214.926Y2582.247
G1 X215.394Y2573.645
G1 X215.828Y2564.768
G1 X216.225Y2555.627
G1 X216.585Y2546.236
G1 X216.908Y2536.609
G1 X217.191Y2526.759
G1 X217.433Y2516.699
G1 X217.634Y2506.443
G1 X217.793Y2496.003
G1 X217.907Y2485.394
G1 X217.977Y2474.628
G1 X218Y2463.718
G1 X217.977Y2452.809
G1 X217.907Y2442.043
G1 X217.793Y2431.434
G1 X217.634Y2420.994
G1 X217.433Y2410.738
G1 X217.191Y2400.677
G1 X216.908Y2390.827
G1 X216.585Y2381.2
G1 X216.225Y2371.81
G1 X215.828Y2362.669
G1 X215.394Y2353.791
G1 X214.926Y2345.19
G1 X214.424Y2336.879
G1 X213.89Y2328.87
G1 X213.324Y2321.178
G1 X212.728Y2313.816
G1 X212.103Y2306.796
G1 X211.45Y2300.133
G1 X210.77Y2293.84
G1 X210.064Y2287.929
G1 X209.334Y2282.415
G1 X208.58Y2277.311
G1 X207.804Y2272.629
G1 X207.006Y2268.384
G1 X206.189Y2264.588
G1 X205.353Y2261.255
G1 X204.499Y2258.398
G1 X203.628Y2256.031
G1 X202.741Y2254.167
G1 X201.84Y2252.819
G1 X200.926Y2252
G1 X200Y2251.724
G1 X199.074Y2252
G1 X198.16Y2252.819
G1 X197.259Y2254.167
G1 X196.372Y2256.031
G1 X195.501Y2258.398
G1 X194.647Y2261.255
G1 X193.811Y2264.588
G1 X192.994Y2268.384
G1 S0
; return to user-defined finish pos
G0 X0 Y0

Sometimes he throws this at me

; return to user-defined finish pos
G0 X-30.335 Y-7.911

As I understand it is launching very high values at the beginning and negative values at the end of the job.

Any help or background on how to solve it, I’m very grateful.

Return position after job completion is defined in Edit->Device Settings. Change value there.

is x=0 and y=0

Can you confirm you’re always using Absolute Coords?

Under what conditions does it give you the unexpected finish position?

If I always use absolute coordinates.
It happens to me when starting or ending a recording

Before I had a CNC3018 configured that works super well, I edited the dimensions so that it works like the ortur and I have already sent 2 jobs without problems

Is the return issue a problem with 3018 or the Ortur? I assume 3018.

Do you have limit switches on the 3018? If not, are you making sure to manually home the laser?

the problem is with ortur.

Can you check return position for Ortur Device Settings? The one you attached was for 3018.

Apparently it works fine sending jobs, it moves fine in x and y, and I no longer have alarms.

Now the advance laser turns off and it is due to a short circuit in the connection plate of the limit switch and laser.
Where can I get a replacement?

See if you can source one from Ortur. Else you could probably buy separate limit switch and adapter for laser.

Or, if the switch still works could you directly wire the two laser ends together and leave the switch just for limit purposes?

First I searched the internet for the serial number and I did not find anything about it and I already wrote to the people of ortur, also the board damaged the laser connection board.

The other laser that I have, even if I put 100% power, is not capable of burning the paper.

I will see how to connect everything without going through the plate.

Thank you

In what way is it damaged? I know Neje units were getting fried from back current from stepper motors being moved manually.

I do know that Ortur will sell the laser module board but may not be worth it if your module is fairly old.

The laser model that I uploaded above, turned on this morning but it doesn’t turn on anymore, I noticed that when I “move” the connection plate cable a little it turned on and then turned off.

I have this other laser module

I connected it but it is very high and it is not able to burn the paper, then I remove it and send it to record with 100% and I manually moved it down, approaching a paper but it does not burn either.

I think it all has to do with the connection board, maybe it doesn’t get enough power.

You say I should buy a new laser?

No. I was saying that the board on the top of the laser module Ortur will sell replacements for. It may or may not be worth it to do so if the laser module itself is old since the diode itself may be fairly tired.

If the connection is not solid then this is possible. Try the laser module on the 3018 to confirm the laser module is working fine.

ok I understand, tomorrow I will continue testing, thank you very much

I found this page, where they disconnect the laser connection and only leave the connection at the end of the cart, I will try to do this later.


Another day of testing, a direct connection is made from the board where the limit switch is, I have connected 3 cables 12V+(red) GND(Black) and PWM(Yellow).

Unfortunately, this operation has damaged my limit switch on the x axis.

With the help of a digital multimeter I have checked the 12v power between the red and black cables and after activating the laser at 100% I have measured around 2.3X V.

I have done the test in these 3 lasers

The first one turns on the fan and at 100% it gives a very weak light.
The second turns on a light on the board that gives power but does not turn on laser light.
The third one, this one came with my CNC3018, it turns on with a lot of power.

I can conclude that when the laser connection plate and the limit switch are damaged, the 2 lasers are damaged.
I’ll have to put a new limit switch on the X axis and make a separate connection for a laser.

Unfortunately, the CNC3018 laser is not suitable for the project I need, since I want to engrave on glass, but this laser has an output of 2.5w.

I’m still waiting for a response from ortur regarding whether they can sell me the plate I need.

Thank you all so much for your help.

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