Ortur master 2 laser 15w and how i got better results

So I wanted to share this minor success I’ve recently had. It took 6 months to finally get a quality burn. Here are a few things that helped me. And side note, I’m no where near an expert , but figured out one thing.

  1. I performed a ramp test. Got a spare piece of wood that wasn’t big and cut on a 45% already. Did a 40 mm line engraving and checked out where the smallest , consistent line was.
  2. I raised my laser to adjust about 10 mm higher . it was at 50mm distance from wood surface org,
  3. I started using very thin cuts of Bass wood from the craft store.
    These 3 things made a huge difference and gave me back hope in the laser.
    I did keep an excel sheet of my settings as I tried out different speeds and power levels.
    I noticed even though it wasn’t a high speed , 1800mm/min worked great for many projects , at either 90% power for slightly lighter result and 100% for darker. I lowered brightness to about -7 or -6 and the contrast to 6 or 8 on most pictures,

Above is the pix and I’m happy how it came out.
Hope this helps out someone else.

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Nice job, thanks for sharing :wink: :+1:

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