Ortur rotary dip switch setting

I’m using a ruida controller and the dip switch setting I’m not sure of

Are you trying to setup an Ortur rotary on a Ruida controller based laser?

You need steps/rotation?

You probably should not be changing the hardware switches…


Yes that’s what I’m trying to figure out

Do you have a compatible motor on the Ortur…? I don’t know what’s on them…

Read the motor driver switches to see what the steps/rotation are set…

Cross reference them to the placard on the motor driver board…

If it’s a Chuck type, you can use this value as steps/rotation…

If it’s a wheel type, you need to apply the gear ratio to the steps/rotation.

Mine is 2000 steps/rotation, the ratio is 2.5:1… the motor turns 2.5 times for the ‘wheel’ to turn one rotation.

2000 x 2.5 = 5000 steps/rotation for the rotary… the drive wheel is 62mm in diameter.


Make sense?


I don’t know motor size but I’ll check and get back to you

Data-Sheet-Stepper-Motor-Support.pdf.txt (839.0 KB)