Ortur Wire just broke

Hey everybody, does anyone know how i can get a new wiring loom for the Ortur Master 2 20w, yesterday it just went crazy and upon examination i have a broken wire. The machine is only 6 weeks old, no idea how this happened. i have emailed Ortur though their website but have not had any response :frowning: (extremely sad face)

The blue cable also looks like there is a break on the way. Of course, they must not just break and with only the few working hours you will probably get a new cable sent to you. But until it comes, it’s easy enough to assemble the cables temporarily.

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Which email did you use?
was checking cant find anything… then again might not be in Tim name :smiley:

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Found it and replied

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@OrturTech Thank you! Great service, i have completed for form and saved the correct email address. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: (much happier face)

@bernd.dk Agh yes you are right about the blue also, i have patched it up with a bit of careful soldering. Ortur Tech Gil sent me a link to a parts form and so all is now good in my world :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It looks to me in manufacturing the loom got pinched somewhere, sending to QC for them to check.


Someone mentioned solder? i used good old fashioned electrical tape :thinking:

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