Ortur yrc rotary chuck framing & burning incorrect size

I have the olm3. I am using 1.5.01 lightburn software. I recently purchased the Ortur YRC rotary chuck. I set it up and it worked fine, I burned many glasses and tumblers with no problems. I disconnected the yrc and used the laser for other projects with no problems. when I reconnected the yrc I can get the circumference on the yrc to line up perfect, but any text or pictures I put on my work grid get framed out much bigger than the size I make them. I wrote the word "test " on my work grid and made the size 1inch high by .5 inch wide. In the laser tab when I hit the frame button, the laser frames out the word text approximately 8 inches high by 3\8 inches wide. I burned the word “test” anyways to see how it would come out and I set the cuts and layers to fill. The burn lines were far apart. the orientation was correct and you can read the word test, but the word is 8 inches high and 3/8 inches wide

I don’t know what I did or didn’t do to cause this problem, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I am very new to using a laser and the lightburn software.

Hello, if you left everything configured correctly the last time, I am referring to the rotation steps, your error may be due to the fact that you have forgotten to activate the rotation, or the diameter of the object is set incorrectly.
These options are found in the rotation settings.

If you have any questions, ask us, but that’s what it should be.

PS: I’m using a translator.

Hello, thank you. I have the rotation enabled and I tested to ensure the diameter is correct. The problem appears to be that it is enlarging the size of the burn and almost creating a barcode rather than a continuous filled text. Even when I shrink the size smaller than my desired size, it creates large gaps within the letters and elongates the image. Any ideas are much appreciated!

when I do a test in the rotary setup, as long as I input the correct circumference size in, I get a perfect rotation. I don’t understand what you mean about the 5000 steps. I am very new to light burn so if you could expand on your explanation that would be helpful. I looked up the microstep driver dip settings and I don’t undersand that at all. where do I go in lightburn to find that.

My mistake on the 5000 steps, that’s how my galvo turns a rotary but yours is mm per rotation. Your diameter is set for 9.2mm but your workpiece looks like 90 or 100mm, might be the issue.

Thank you so much. You were right. I’m still trying to get used of using the metric system. I’m so glad it was something simple. I put a huge posted note on my computer “METRIC”. Thank you again Al.

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My laser is mm, 10ths, and hundreds
Right around the corner my reloading room is inches and thousands
Mill and lathe in the shop inches and thousands.
At work inside is inches and fractions. (Except for the stuff from China), wall and edge form layout is feet and inches, and the excavators and surveyors are feet and 10ths.
Woo doggie!
Actually the DRO on the mill goes down to 2/100000 but try to move that with a hand wheel.

Oh, and my little electronics area are in picos and nanos and who knows what…

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