Othur LM2, Keep getting Alarm 2 messages

Hello I’m Charles and I’m new to LightBurn, What’s going on with my laser(Othur LM2) It’s connected and I’m able to move the laser through LightBurn but it won’t burn my design on anything I don’t know what’s going on, it’s just not working and I keep getting Alarm 2 messages, can someone help me please!!!

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I did a search here in the LightBurn forums for “Alarm 2” and lots of similar posts have been made. From a quick look it sounds like it’s an out of bounds alarm. So my guess is that your machine size definition in the Device definition is not set correctly or your design is not completely inside the work area.

Another option is that you have some unknown object outside the area. One way to find out is to select only the design inside the work area and then click the “Cut Selected Graphics” switch just below the Pause, Frame and Home buttons. Now when you hit run it will only try to do that item. If it works with no alarm 2 then you have a mystery object you’ll need to find using Select All and then deleting it.

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And you’ll learn a ton by doing your own search for “Alarm 2” and reading some of the troubleshooting and conversations. Knowing more than you need to know at this moment in time will make you a far happier laser operator.

Bad Number Format: Missing the expected G-code word value or numeric value format is not valid

Generally when grbl chokes on something it will output to the terminal the error. Along with this is a line number where the error occurred.

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How do i fix that problem

Did you set up Lightburn for that device? Where did you pick for home when you created the device profile? Where is the starting point for you drawing in Lightburn?

While troubleshooting the same issue, I found the following as a work around.
Laser Window:

  1. Set to User Origin and select the lower left hand dot from the array.
  2. Right Click on “Devices Button” and wait 10 seconds
  3. Click on “Home” button
    a. if it returns to home and does not give any errors, click on “Frame” button, if error is returned reduce the size of your project
    b. if no error is returned, move forward with regular process.

Also, check all of your connections, they are easily loosened as you are building your machine and adding zip ties… (First Hand 12 Hours of searching experience whomp whomp)

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There’s a number of videos on setup. Generally, let your machine power up and home. Then pick that corner as the origin. You can mess with it later and break it by yourself… :slight_smile:
You kind of lost me in the ‘workaround’… :slight_smile:
Take care :wink:

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Is there a certain way to set up lightburn to your laser.

As I stated, you MUST setup your Device with the correct work area and home position.
Click on the “Devices” button at the bottom center of LightBurn, then click on your laser configuration and edit that and step through each question and correctly setup each step.
Reconnect to your device and from then on do NOT try to burn designs larger than the area shown on the screen.

Update, I did the setup with the parameters given, I did find that the speed in the controller wasn’t set correct, I did update the controller to utilize the correct top speed.

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