Ouija Board for a friend

I made this board for a friend of mine, to give his wife as an Xmas gift.
The board is one of those Dollar Store bamboo cutting boards and the hand piece was a scrap piece of ash that was in my bin. This was made on a DIY Diode laser table with a 7 watt G8
I used satin spray can Polyurethane.



That’s awesome.

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Diode laser, that must have taken a long time. Nice job.

“Diode laser, that must have taken a long time. Nice job.”

Yes it was 4 3/4 hours at 1700mm/ and 100% power


That’s a winning burn, right there.

Thanks for the complements everyone!


Antares, this is really awesome. I too have the SMC5-5-N-N controller and could really use some help figuring out how you were able to get it to control the laser. What wire connections did you use from the controller to fire the laser so accurately?

I’m no longer using the SMC5-5-N-N for laser work. Im using it only for my CNC router table only.
My DIY Laser table uses a

USB Port 3 Axis GRBL 1.1 V3.4 CNC Engraving Machine GRBL Control Board 24V DC Engraver Milling Machine GRBL Controller Board for DIY Mini CNC Engraving Machine 1610 2418 3018 3018Pro (GRBL1.1 Control Board)

It works great for the Laser table!!!
I purchased it from amazon

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So, do you have a second machine you’re running this on, or are you did you connect this to your existing set up?

Yes As stated I have two machines. ACNC router table 4 foot x 4 foot that uses the SMC controller
And a 2 foot x 2 foot laser table that uses the small controller from Amazon.