Out home turn off is it possible

Ive done a few searches for a few weeks now and haven’t found an answer. In older versions of Lightburn, I had to have the machine initialize when first turned on. Now it does it automatically and I really like that feature.
The problem comes when I hook up an older laser machine I have that doesn’t have homing switches. It just goes to the end, slams and continues to grind. I would like to see if I can turn off the auto feature and initialize and home the machine when I ask it to.

If this is possible and anyone knows how to do this please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

I think you are looking for this in the device settings…


Thank you Jack! That worked with my main machine I will now try it on the older one and see if its usable.
I don’t know why I hadn’t seen that before.

Great, mark it solved… :crazy_face:


The old laser still runs all the way forward and the Z axis runs all the way down till it grinds. I uninstalled it twice but it still does it. I guess I cant use Lightburn with it.

Since it doesn’t home, I’d guess something isn’t configured correctly. Both machine and software have to match on settings.

Big mistake to give up on Lightburn… trust me…


I’m going to dig up the instructions that came with the machine back when I bought it and see if I see something there that might shed some light on this issue.

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