Out of bounderies print & cut

hi, i get all the time an out of bounderies warning after trying print and cut function, while it is not to big. It wil continue when i press contiue anyway (only after framing) but cutting lines are not continous(also shown in the preview box). Does anyone have a solution to this? thank you in advance!

Oops, I just realized “Print and cut” was NOT “Printing” or “Cutting” a project. I’ll study some on print and cut to learn more.

Have you watched the LightBurn videos on Print and Cut?

Cutting a single project larger your laser (pass-through version) - YouTube

Using Print and Cut to recover a project - YouTube

yes i have

At what point does what you’re doing diverge from what’s happening in the videos? If you’re unsure can you detail out with as much precision as possible each step of your workflow? Please make note of anything that might be unusual otherwise interesting.

Can you take a screenshot of the error message?

Does this only happen with Print and Cut or does this occur with other files?

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