Out of Spec lines. Result of $32 Value Not Updating?

Hello, newbie here.

Sorry if that has been posed in the past, but I am currently experiencing an issue where I import an svg/AI/etc file and I am trying to run offset fill on the image. For reference, I am using the xTool D1 with Air Assist. Within lightburn, I am able to flawlessly run offset fill on text with no issues. But when I import a vector image and create an offset and go to fill the offset, I am left with crooked and out of line marks as seen in the attached image.

I think this is due to the $32 being set to 0 by default. I then type $32=1 in the console to change it. Then when I run $$ to check that the value has been changed to 1, it has not been updated and still shows a 0 Value. Here is the console output

Are the resulting out of line marks due to this setting?

I am also attaching the parameters for my cut and device settings below.

FWIW, I have tightened and loosened the belts to no avail on this problem.

Any help would be appreciated!

It still looks like loose parts.
Please check all the little set screws in the drive belt pulleys.

A quick project engraving a single circle may help troubleshoot.

I recommend working in mm/minute instead of mm/sec.
5 mm/sec is 300 mm/minute so that shouldn’t cause a speed issue.

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