Out1 Out2 RDC6442

Any one know about out1 and out2 in the RuiDa RDC6442?
Lightburn has what looks like control in “Cut Settings Editor”

Any connection

Oct '19
Further to this discussion. I hooked up LED’s to the GP outputs OUT1 and OUT2.

Without Lamp/Bell enabled, I discovered OUT1 turned on when the Controller was Idle. For example during a Reset or running a job the light went off. When Stopped or Pausing the light went on.

{READY TO RUN ONLY LIGHT does not see OUT2 faults } Ken

OUT2 appears to be a fault or alarm indicator. For example, if Water Protect is enabled and there is no water flow or Door Protection is enabled and the Door/Lid is opened then the light will turn on and prevent movement and laser operation.

{FAULT TO RUN ONLY Does not show fault for pulse Switch or Jog with above conditions. } Ken

With Lamp Enabled and trying different lamp scenarios the OUT1 and OUT2 did not behave any different from above.

I thought they were user controllable, as RDWorks actually lets you set these flags as well, but it turns out they’re not (at least as far as I can tell). I’m going to have to dig more.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

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