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Hi all, new to lasercutting and looking forward to it.

I want to outline a design and fill to the border so it is essentially a carving in relief. I have traced the drawing and created a border. My goal is for the inside of the traced drawing, to be left alone unfilled, and for all the negative space to be filled.

The border I put as fill and the line work as line. But, always, it fills the entire image. I have watched several videos, read several threads on here, and tried walkthroughs but can’t seem to figure it out! Any advice and help would be very much appreciated.
I attempted to attach the file below, as this is my first post, please excuse any errors! Thank you

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The reason is,

If you change that border layer to ‘Line’, it will not “fill” the space.

If you share an example of what you’d like the resulting production, we may have further suggestions to assist. :slight_smile:

Thank you Rick, I drew a simplified version of it here. My goal is for the blue line to have an offset and be the only not filled area (I attempted this by tracing my line drawing).
Inside the blue, fill, and outside the blue in the background, fill, only the blue line (representing my trace in the first doc) should be raised. I hope that is clear. In my drawing the pencil is fill and the blue should be untouched.

The end result I’m looking for is the same as what I have seen people get with letters raised on a filled board.

Looking at the file again, I note there are duplicates that need to be deleted.

To produce as you describe, place everything on a single layer, set to ‘Fill’. If you also want to cut this out, place an additional rectangle the size of the desired cutout and set that on a new layer set to ‘Line’.

The fill will happen, leaving the avatar “raised” as you say. :slight_smile:

I’ll try it as soon as I am able and post back with results! Thank you Rick!

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Rick you fantastic fox it worked! Thank you!!!

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