Outline works fine but fill doesn't turn off from one side to the other or top to bottom

I have been able to engrave outlines, but when I try to add the fill the laser just seems to stay on and fill the entire bounds of travel.

I am just evaluating the software at the moment and really like it, but if I can’t get this to work, it wont be the right software for me.

Currently I used the Creality laser on an Ender 3 Pro, and am looking to purchase an Ortur Machine later in the year.


Can you post a lbrn file here, so we can take a look at what you are experiencing

Thanks for the quick response David,

Won’t the lbrn file only show you what Lightburn is outputting rather than the result of the laser?

Sorry only been playing with Lightburn for a few days.

Am I able to upload an image that could show you what I am trying to get and what I am getting?


Oh I see, are you saying the preview is running as you would want but the actual engraving is different ?

Exactly David,

I have found one other similar issue with marlin and the guy was adding in extra code to pause after every burn, I’m hopping it isn’t the same issue as that would be a lot of extra manual coding and take considerably longer to engrave.

The bottom of the engrave is missing as I put he material down after it had started :slight_smile:

Can you post your settings, type $$ in the console window. There are lots of knowledgeable folks here who will help. Also, what version of Gbrl is the controller ?

Sorry, just noticed it is a Marlin, not something I am familiar with. Others will though

Thanks for the effort David,

Much appreciated.

I noticed in the other post that a Lightburn owner said it was to do with the speed of the fan ramping up and down (as Marlin uses M106 and 7 - Fan controls) to change the state of the laser. This doesn’t seem right though as other software seems to be able to write gcode that works fine.

I am currently trying to find out why some code that does work - does, and see if I can spot the differences.

Have a great day.

And you, hang on in here, others will come forward

The difficulty with Marlin is that there is really no single Marlin with so many compile time options and versions.

Have you explored using the various PWM control options in Device Settings?

I think Inline would be preferred if available.

Not sure what laser module you have but if it’s the Creality CV-01 I believe it should use M106 for laser on and power settings.

This is going to depend on your specific version and configuration of Marlin. Can you confirm what yours uses?

You are quite right PY,

The marlin that I am using uses the fan controls 106 and 107, with S values up to 255.

I have it set to 106/107, and can engrave outlines well, which makes me think the code is right. I also have a plug into inkscape that does outlines and fills. It works pretty well too but doesn’t do raster files.

I am currently creating the same file from both packages to see what the difference in the code is, I haven’t found anything in previous files but hen they haven’t been exactly the same graphic.

One thing to confirm… Does S value of 0 still have the laser on and burning at a low level?

It does but only when stationary.

I have had a bit of a play and think I have solved it. The other app had a move at 7000mm/m at the end of each engraving line, Lightburn didn’t. I added 7000mm/m into the fast white space box under settings and things started coming right. Increasing speeds from 1200 to 2000-8000 with varying power settings has also made a huge difference. So thanks everyone for your help, I need to play more to see if I can get what I want - Greyscale looks like it will be the problem.

Nice. Seems a little brittle but sounds like you’re at parity with the other solution at least.

Are you able to get Inline working? That’s a likely game changer in terms of burn quality.

I haven’t tried in line printing yet, my setup isn’t ideal for that, computer and printer separated by some 10m and a couple of walls. I use a Surface Pro though so no real problem, just need to do it. I am happy to play with the Creality and do some basic stuff and later in the year upgrade to a dedicated laser such as the Ortur 2 - or whatever seems a best fit at the time. Thanks for your help.

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