Output from ruida controller not working

Hi eveyone,

The other day i was trying to connect a SSR to the output of “wind” from my ruida controller and it seems it does nothing. Today I’ve connected an optocoupler which has a led indicator when detects 5-24V and it doesn’t seem to be receiving anything to.

I’ve also tried to connect it to the “status” output and 24V and doesn’t looks like working.

Between 24V and GND i have 24 V , so it is power in there.

I was wondering if maybe i need to enable the outputs in any way and if so how can i do it?

I have a Z Zelus 700x500 60W laser from amazon europe with ruida controller rdc6442g-b

Thanks in advance :wink:

Ruida switches the ground. Your connection needs to be between WIND and +

Hi Dave, yes, ive connected between Wind and +24 volts and i cant detect any voltage in there, not with a optocoupler neither with a multimeter.



stupid question … is a cutting file running, or just measured at a standstill?

Hmmm, other than turning on If Blowing in the cut layers, I don’t know of anything that would disable the output. I’m not near my machine right now. Will look directly at the controller later and see if I spot anything.

I did some checking, and can’t see anything that would inhibit the air assist.I will echo Andreas comment. I’m assuming you have taken the reading with the laser in a job with correct polarity on the meter. I tested mine with an LED and a resistor before i made the switch from a switch on the panel to the controller / solenoid operation.

Adreas, yes the laser is runing when i test it, ive also tryed to connect to status output too and i cant see nothing :wink:

Thanks Dave,

I’ll keep investigating, is there any chance the outputs are “burned” because of the conexion of a SSR directly?

That I can’t say for sure, but those outputs are already optically isolated internally. As a work around, you can use the STATUS terminal. It goes on and off with the layer instead of the WIND command, but I used it as a work around when I had issues with a firmware upgrade.

Since you haven’t used the STATUS terminal, you should be able to test it with a meter, and I would before hand.

Oops, just realized you used both STATUS and WIND. I have no idea if there is any internal protection / reset on those circuits.

I actually use both terminals as I have a feed from a big shop compressor. One solenoid on the shop feed wired to the STATUS terminal, and the actual air assist solenoid on the WIND terminal.

As another resource, you could jump on the RDWorks user forum. That is strictly a Ruida forum. There are several tech guys on there, might give some more detailed information.

Wind: General output for blower control. When the blower control is enabled, this port will output the control signal of the blower, otherwise it will output other special control signals. When the blower is connected and its control enabled, the blower switch can be set separately on each layer. If the relay is connected externally, the relay coil will be broken over when the blower is on; the relay coil will be cut off when the blower is off.
24V Power positive output (If the interface of main power source is powered with 24V power supply, this pin should be 24V; if it is powered with 36 V power supply, this pin should be 36V.)

Enable the blower: if use Wind signal of output port to control the blower switch as layers, you must enable this item, otherwise, the Wind signal outputs other signal.

If you had used the search function, you would find quite a few posts on this.

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