Output is much lighter than in the past

A project completed a month ago was dramatically darker than a current project for the same vector logo. Since then I had upgraded to MacOS 10.15.3 and had purged files, including preference and app support files. With no other obvious changes to the setup, are there some basic settings I lost and need to rebuild? Any other ideas on how to increase and control the burn output?

I’m using a J Tech, 7w laser, mounted on a Shapeoko CNC.


You should read through the GRBL setup blurb here to make sure you’ve set things properly: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/CommonGrblSetups.md

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Thanks for the reminder, Rick. After posting I recalled some set up steps J-Tech provided and was looking for that info.


Using Lightburn on Shapeoko3 and X Carve Machines

Deleted Post: User error

As a note, I verified the settings and changed $10=0 to get the origin to work. One minor PITA that needs to be remembered and repeated every time I switch between Carbide Motion & Fireburn is having to reset settings in Carbide Motion & re-inputting when back to laser:

$30 = 255
$31 = 0
$32 = 1

I did not have to do this before making the $10=0 change and using the macros. Can a macro be created to input the values after switching to laser from CNC mode? How might this affect the CNC settings and can that be reversed in FB?


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