Outside offset with figure 8 shape, help please

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I searched…

I have a complex shape, but I am using a simple figure here for an example. It is a single closed path, figure 8 or “bowtie” shape. When offsetting, the crossed line makes one side of the figure invert, so that the “outside” is what we think of as the “inside”. Then the outside offset does not do what I want. I hope that makes sense. I have uploaded a picture for an example. Can I keep the shape as a single line but get the outside offset to work “correctly”? I realize this is not specifically a Lightburn bug, but I have a very complex shape and cutting it into tons of pieces is not optimal for me.


I figured it out minutes after posting, while I spent hours yesterday trying! Oh well. For anyone else looking into this, I used the “Break Apart” then added then offset, copied the offset, CMD-Z my break apart, then paste back the offset. Worked perfectly for what I needed.

The problem with the original shape is that because it’s a single “twisted” loop, the software can’t figure out which part is “inside” and which is “outside”.

If you built it as two triangles with their noses touching, that would actually work. The one on the left is built like yours, the one on the right is two triangles:


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