Over Burn on certain files

I am experiencing over burn on graphics that i have used before. I have an Ortur master 2 15w,

it is using GRBL-M3 (file or earlier), attached is a snap shot of my console

here is and example of what it is doing now compared to what it was engraving

When I open and engrave this file there is no problem with the engraving

Thank You for any help

For the Ortur you should be using GRBL, not GRBL-M3 (you can go to the Devices window, double click it, and change it through there).

The problem is likely that you don’t have Overscanning enabled in the Fill settings.

When I go to the Device window all I have is GRBL-M3, how do I get GRBL.

In my example of the graphic that is engraving without any issues i don’t have Overscanning on, but I will make sure that I start turning it on.


Got it, I did a Devices, Create Manually and found GRBL in the list.

Need to test things now…

Thank you for all your help.

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