Over cut for cutout isn't working

What is it that I’m supposed to be seeing here? I see a setting for overcut, and a picture of a preview of a straight line.

If you’re using a TopWisdom controller, that’s why overcut isn’t working - it’s implemented for each controller, and I haven’t added it to TopWisdom yet. I’ll make a note and get this done quickly.

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Yup. That’s what I was showing. It wasn’t overlapping the cut. I would have guessed it was in the software, not the controller. I would have guessed i would see the movement to the starting point not in line with the movement to the next piece not line up.

I’ve added overcut support for TopWisdom. It should be in the next release.

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I’m new to LightBurn. Will overcut work with my Ruida 644. I’ve used it successfully with my old laser with LaserCut. It make circle cut plugs very clean. Thanks Larry.

Using the Ruida Device Profile: