Over scan, Mach3, Gcode

I am new to the Lightburb system as in about two hours. I have a Jteck 3.8w that I hook to my machine to engrave. Even using Jteck’s PP (M10/M11) I am still getting burns on start/end of runs. I saw the youtube about Lightburn about the over scan. That it would have you machine moving before the laser turned on. So I got the program and watched the video again. The gcode overs passed the start point then come back stops the gantry starts the laser an does the cut. Have I missed something?

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A number of words, or punctuation, I think - I can’t make sense of this sentence:

Sorry Oz for being dyslectic. I can build almost anything but have to think to spell my own name.

I got Lightburn because I was hopping it would get the gantry moving before it started the laser.

It will, but the controller needs to support it as well. Often for a spindle state change the controller will pause the head to let the spindle get up to speed. GRBL and Smoothieware both have laser specific modes to prevent this stop from occurring. Mach3 is not a good choice for controlling lasers.