Over travel/extra travel

my controller doesn’t have that travel beyond option on. (TL-410c). But I also don’t have it available to me in lightburn. Is there anyway to make it available to me in lightburn? Its not currently.

I had to slow it down to get an even burn.

(Done at a 45° angle)

Slowed down

Are you referring to the overscan?

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hey Wayne!!!


Load your file then double click on your cut layers on the top. When the drop down menu appears it is on the right about halfway down.

It’s not available right now for the topwisdom controller

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The 45 degree angle is the problem - Scan at 0, 90, 180, etc and the hardware handles it automatically. If you scan at non-90 multiples, it’s simulating scans using normal cutting commands, and for that you need to set your min/max power properly to handle the deceleration, but you still might get over-burn, depending on your wattage.

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Can you explain the min max a bit?

Is it ramping towards the min when changing direction?

Min Power is effectively cornering power, but it’s controlled by a setting called ‘Start Speed’ in the controller (default is 10mm/sec, but some companies change that).

When the laser is moving at or below the ‘Start Speed’, Min Power is used. As it ramps up to the requested speed (if higher than Start Speed) it ramps power up to Max Power.

When raster scanning horizontally or vertically, the controller automatically inserts extra moves that overshoot the cut, so it can ramp up to the requested speed before firing the laser, so Max Power is effectively the only value used. When doing cuts or vector marking, the auto-overscan doesn’t happen, and Min Power comes into play.

Min Power is also used for grayscale - power output is ramped between Min & Max for shades from white to black in the source image.

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