Overcut, does it actually work?

Hello, Im cutting acrylic and Im getting some weird offsets between the start and finished connection of a closed cut. For example, my circles dont quite meet at the same place when the cut comes full circle. I was thinking perhaps that using the overcut feature might help, but when I set the overcut feature to about 5mm, it never travels past the end of the cut, it acts as if overcut isnt enabled or no values have been changed for the overcut feature. Am I doing something wrong?

Overcut is handled for Ruida controllers - Your profile says a Boss LS, so I assume that’s what you’re using? Which version of LightBurn are you running?

actually I have an aeon nova 10 laser now, and Im running lightburn 0.9.09
I just dont understand, if i have 5 squares in a vertical layout, each square with rounded corners so the laser doesnt have the benefit of obscuring the offset from the beginning and end where the cut joins, my first cut is fine, second square, slight offset where the cut closes, 3rd slightly worse all the way down to the last, but I set it up so that it doesnt cut them in a row and it jumps around a little bit but still, my first cut is always good, no issues with how the cut closes, no offsets, but each cut after seems to just get progressively worse. I tried the overcut setting, but it doesnt travel any distance I ask it too past the origin of the cut.

Sorry, the aeon has a ruida controller, but this issue with not being able to figure out how to close my cuts without having this hideous offset randomly showing up on my cuts is driving me nuts… whats worse is that it seems to get worse as the machine travels through each of the cuts… I dont know if its a software issue or what or if its just the nature of cutting shapes in acrylic…

It could be that the travel speed or acceleration between the cuts is too high. Aeon Nova’s settings are usually pretty good, but if you have any slack in the belts or any looseness in the mechanical parts, it would show up like this.

I’m looking into the overcut issue on Ruida now - it looks like it might be present, but cutting too short (the controller runs in microns, not mm, and I might be outputting the overcut in microns - it’s visible, but it’s tiny).

Edit: Yup, that’s what’s happening. This will be fixed for the next release.

Thats what I was thinking, but I cant find any way to reduce the travel speed between cuts, thats intuitively the first thing that came to mind, but when I tried to find a way to change it in my controller, I couldnt find anything…

So as for the micron thing, should I just increase the value until I can see it?

It’ll likely be limited to too small an amount to be useful for you, like 10mm.

For the travel speed, go to Edit > Machine Settings, and tell me what the Idle Speed value is set to, and Idle Acceleration. Those are the two numbers that will control the speed and acceleration between cuts. Lower acceleration will probably help more - It controls how fast the machine ramps up to the speed you ask for, and if it’s really high it can make things shake a bit.

idle speed 300mm/s
idle acceleration is 2,000 mm/s^2

Hmm - that’s really not that high. I would see if you can make the laser head wobble by hand at all when it’s powered up. If you can feel it wiggle when you put a little pressure on it, that could be the issue. Also check that your lens and mirrors are all snug.

If I change the idle speed value to say half that, do I just hit ‘write’ to send that parameter to the controller?

Yes, that’s it.

Ok, Ill play with those settings and hopefully I gain some ground, thank you for your time, you guys really do go above and beyond, I couldnt be more thankful

Turns out I have a mechanical or component issue with my laser, driver or a stepper or something, they are coming to fix it tomorrow… But I sure learned alot more about the software, which is pretty cool, I recommend lightburn to everyone, its the standard for laser software imo…

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