Overlapping pictures without having the ones underneath burning

Is there a way to use Lightburn to make this type of finished product?

I overlapped them on the screen but they still burn thru

*thank you

Looks like there may have been a problem with your image upload. Can you review and try again?

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I tried that, the image seems good and they burn good standing alone, it’s just when I try to overlap them

Sorry. I meant that the image you tried to load to the forum didn’t work. I can’t see what you’re referring to. Can you please re-upload the image?

I fixed the image upload. :slight_smile:

If your images are transparent, you should be able to have LightBurn composite these as you’d expect. Have a look here for more:


If all the images are on the same layer, and that layer is set to Fill all shapes together", it should work.


Nice. I wasn’t aware of what that option did.

Thank you for fixing my image, it seems like it will work but now I tried to update my software and it deleted my license key

this is what is happening when I try to preview

That looks like the cards themselves are transparent in the middle too, which isn’t what you want. If you fill the middles with white and just make the outside of the cards transparent, they’ll stack how you want them to.

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