Overlay capture is zoomed in too much

I have the 90 degree camera on a K40 with gerbil. Its mounted at the top of the opened lid in a stable position. No problems calibrating the camera and I’ve run through the camera adjustment with no problems either. The picture I get from the live camera looks fine and shows the entire bed along with some extra. During camera adjustment change it from 75% default to 95% setting to get the 4 registration Mark’s as large as I can on the bed. They burn fine and I double click all 4 of them in the correct order. I get the message telling me that the camera adjustment was successful. When I view the camera in lightburn it looks fine. But when I hit the scan overlay it takes a screen capture of the bed but it’s much more zoomed in when compared to the live camera feed. Basically it only shows the overlay area where the original registration marks were. The overlay is missing a large partion of my bed. If I stick an object on the far left or right of the bed and update the overlay it does not show it. Only the center of the bed.

Ny idea what’s going on here? It’s like the entire camera is not being used. I even tried doing the camera calibration again this time selecting standard instead of fish eye. It made no different.

Chances are that you entered the 95% the first time, ran the calibration, accidentally hit Esc or backed out of the screen for some reason, and then went through it again without re-entering the scale again (it’s not remembered, and resets). This has happened enough times that I’ve added code to remember the scale factor, at least for the current session.

Try doing it once more, remembering that if you back out of the Camera Alignment process for any reason, you have to make sure to set the scale value again.

I’m not sure what I did but this morning I started up lightburn and checked the camera again. I positioned small tacks at each corner of the 300x200mm bed and then updated the overlay. They are all mostly visible. The right side tacks are mostly cut off but close enough.

While doing some tests I did notice that the camera clarity is not very good at all. In fact, it’s very poor. I tried focusing the camera by moving the lens in each direction in very small intervals. I think I have it as focused as I can get it. Just seems like the resolution is terrible. I’m not really able to use the trace feature. I can see good enough to help with placement, but trace is poor.

I also noticed that the lens on my camera looks a bit different than the cameras shown on the lightburn website and in the calibration videos. Did I somehow lose a lens cover? The attachment below shows what my lens looks like. Photos of the camera online shows what looks like a bigger lens or some type of lens extension. Could this be causing my blurry image?

The lenses for the 60 and 90 degree cameras are smaller - you aren’t missing anything. Can you show a screen shot of what the picture looks like in the Microsoft Camera app, or something running full screen? These are somewhat sensitive to lighting, so if you have too much or too little it will affect the image quality. With a 300x200 bed you should not be struggling to get a clear picture.

As far as trace goes, it works, but it’s no replacement for a scanner - If you’re trying to trace thin lines that’ll be a challenge. With a 300mm wide bed and a 5MP camera the most detail you’ll get with a capture is about 200 dots per inch. Scanners start at 300 DPI and go up.

I’m using windows 7 and my PC doesn’t appear to have the camera app. As far as I can tell the only software on the PC that uses the camera is lightburn. I’ll have to find a download for it.

You can do it with LightBurn by dragging the camera window out of the dock, and dragging the corners to make it larger. It’s simpler if you have the Windows Camera app, that’s all.

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