Overlaying vector graphics with another vector graphic?

Here is my problem. Imagine I’m trying to make a barn door for a toy barn. I’ve drawn some heavy vertical rectangles as planks for the door, I’ve detailed wavy fine vertical lines to look like wood grain (knots and all), now I need to overlay some horizontal brace boards onto the vertical planks. I need to use the node editor to inert a node/then break the node/ repeat on both sides of the horizontal board/ then delete the short vertical segment. Repeat 100+ times. Don’t get me started on any Z bracing.

If this was a bitmap the overlaying horizontal board would cover the detail on the vertical plank, aaand job done!

Is there any clever way that Lightburn can generate break points on a vector line automatically? I’m looking to avoid hours of tedious work!


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The cut tool may get you there.

Soooo very close! It does the inverse of what I want, but that is an easy fix. I’ll make some shapes that are the negative of what I need to keep!

Hats off to you cggorman! Many thanks.

You mention “heavy” lines. If this job is running in fill mode, you may be better off doing this work in a graphics program and either tracing the image in LB or running it directly as an image.

Thanks again CG.

By heavy lines I’m talking an exaggerated outline made by outlining a rectangle (“Both”) at 0.1mm. The fine lines I’m using for woodgrain details are a single line of 0.06mm (that’s the specification of my diode laser, a Sculpfun S10). I’m not using fill mode. Way too slow…plus I like the simple look of the vector lines…and the speed!

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Explore the Boolean tools, and the weld command

The program is very powerful. You can’t hurt anything by trying everything. The Ctrl+Z (backup one step) command is my most used command. You can take steps back all the way to your last save command.

The Boolean tools have a built in feature, where the first time you give the command it works one way…then it does the opposite the next time. A-B first time, then B-A the next time. Try and try again. Pixels are free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

From the Lightburn Documentation

The undo switches the order of the items, so a simple Undo and click-again of of the Subtract button is a quick fix

Sounds like the intended operation…


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