Override macOS Dark mode?

Hi there, I am on Big Sur and use dark mode.
The latest version 9.22 is rendering the interface in Dark mode to follow my os setting I presume?

It looks pretty terrible at the moment, icons are black on dark grey background for instance. Text labels are white and readable so that is good.

It would be nice to have the option in the preferences to override the default os default theme.

I am curious to see what a full Dark mode would look like once you have completed it, but at this point it make the interface rather annoying to use.


I’m having the same issue!!

Unfortunately they’ve apparently forced this on applications, and LightBurn doesn’t detect it, nor do we have inverted versions of the icons, so we’re going to have to deal with this pretty soon. For now, turning off Dark Mode is the best option, but we’ll get it sorted.

Can I ask when you expect an update to fix this will be rolled out, I am autistic and photophobic and use dark mode on my mac for everything. The lighter version is almost painful to use and I have to turn my whole screens brightness right down. When in dark mode it is almost impossible to see any of the icons. I am a new paid user and just assumed it would work as it should and be accessible to those with vision issues. I see you have already made great steps towards this, but this change is essential for me.

Martin, this is primarily a MacOS issue but I agree with you that it’s hard to see the menu list itself.
But, I’m sure there will be a solution at some point and it does not matter if you have paid for LightBurn or not, the LigtBurn people certainly do not like it as it is now :wink:

If you download the non Big Sur version, the menus and buttons are readable. Big Sur has forced dark mode on us, but it will take time to go through and alter all the controls to have an inverted version - we’ll do it, but it won’t be something that can happen quickly I’m afraid.

Another Big Sur user here and I can confirm that it really is terrible.

Nice to know that you are working on some changes though.

Thanks for that.

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