Overscan error on engraving

I am trying to engrave and cut these birth signs. The bottom portion engraves fine, but it won’t engrave the name David. I get an overscan error. I read what that is, but not sure how to fix it. I am including screen shots and would love some input.

birth sign a
birth sign b

Can you take a screenshot of the exact error?

I would guess you’re too close to the edge of your cutting bed, so the laser head doesn’t have room to slow down before running off the bed.

Can you move your job slightly to the left?

Today I am not getting an error. It goes to the spot where it should engrave and then goes back to origin right away. I did move the name in farther from the edge. There is a cut out name that goes above the middle name. I am baffled today on why it will frame, go the spot and immediately back. I copied just the name and put it in a new file to test, does the same thing.

I tried a different font and it works. That is weird. I downloaded that font I was trying to use yesterday. I am going to see if I can find a similar thin font to use. Always a learning experience, but I really liked that new font.

I feel really dumb, I do think I had the text too close to the edge in the beginning. I had it set to fill and these are line texts, so fill doesn’t work. Changed it to line, more like a score than engrave and it works!

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