Overscan on Ruida?

Hi again peoples.

I have just taken delivery of my Boxford BGL350 50w CO2 laser. Having started on a Chinese 3018Pro Diode this is obviously a big step-up on the learning curve but made much easier by an amazing piece of software in Lightburn. My main question is on the GRBL version when doing a fill you could set overscan to stop any over burning on the edge of the fill. This option isn’t on there since I registered my new machine. Lightburn didn’t automatically find the laser so I had to set it up manually as a Ruida controller. So to my question…how do you control smoke/surface burn on such a machine. It has air assist and extraction or is it a case of masking up the surface and running the test again to find the desired finish? I have included a screenshot of the machine settings as I have read on here something in regards to acceleration to compensate for this but didn’t really understand

Thank You in advance


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