OX CNC using Makerbase MKS DLC v2.0 Controller

Does anyone have experience connecting to the Makerbase MKS DLC v2.0 controller from lightburn? I have a raspberry pi setup and works well with bCNC software. I am trying to pull the settings from the controller into lightburn on another linux laptop using the latest trial version of lightburn.

My main goal is to get the machine setting imported into lightburn so I can work on my main computer where I have the full version of lightburn. My hope is to just use the save gcode button and push the gcode to my raspberry pi and use bCNC to send the gcode to the CNC.

I’m not familiar with this controller, but the only things LightBurn cares about are what firmware the controller is running (GRBL, Smoothieware, Marlin) and possibly what baud rate to connect to the board (changed in the Device Settings if necessary).

If it’s a Marlin device you’ll need to use ‘Create Manually’ from the devices list and set it up from there.

If you want to use the rPI as an in-between, you’d just save GCode from LightBurn. With the rPI controlling the CNC you lose the ability to jog the machine or use any of the ‘live’ control features, like the camera, Print & Cut, moving the work to the laser position or vice versa, and things like that, and depending on how bCNC does streaming, it might be slower than LightBurn’s sender.

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