P9 M50 + R3 Pro Rotary Roller – different deviation of the Y-axis

can anyone think of a possible cause for the rotary roller problem?

In forward rotation (Y+) the deviation is minimal. But in backward rotation (Y-), the deviation is almost exactly 3 mm per revolution (of the test object).
It is not possible to combine line and fill - they have a noticeable offset.

The Rotary Setup in LightBurn is set up well - the test button rotates the roller exactly 360 degrees.
Machine settings:

  • Y Max rate (mm/min): 960
  • Y Accleration (mm/sec^2): 30

The cylindrical test item has a circumference of 274 mm.

For a better illustration - rectangles (1 × 5 mm)
offset 0 - 274mm - 548mm - 822mm - 1096mm - 0mm

RotaryRollerTest.lbrn2 (3.6 KB)

I would be grateful for any ideas

I don’t have one of these, but I have my Ruida set to 5mm/s^2 for acceleration for the rotary. Do these have a ‘startup’ speed? I set that also in the single digits.

Make sure you make a backup…

I assume you have a wheel type rotary? If that’s the case, circumference isn’t needed…