Paid Coaching help?

Hi - I’m just getting started w/Lightburn with a NEJE Master 2s max 30W.

I’d like to pay someone for a couple of hours to help me make sure everything is set-up/configured correctly. I’d also like to work through importing/tracing some art and setting the print job up effectively.

If interested - please ping me and we can discuss rate, etc.


Take a look in the ‘hardware’ category, there’s topic just started up, Neje Master 2S Plus Tips, Tricks and Settings’.

Thanks chris - I’ll check it out! mb

I’m in Wigan UK, if you’re within 50 miles I’ll come and spend a few hours for free - (as long as there’s coffee)

Hello same than above, I’m in France, if you are around and if there is coffee I’d be glad to help for free.

Right now I’m in talks with Joe from Engravers Choice. He offers a remote, (Zoom style) Lightburn training. Maybe give him a call.

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