Paid lightburn tutorials

Im buying my OMTech today with lightburn. They offered a tutorial series for $250 more. I tried to look up info about it and couldnt find it. Other tutorials on youtube are plentiful. Is this a custom class and is it worth it? I am an electronics tech and am hardware and pc savy.

IMO, you can read the fine manual and hit the ground running.

Work through the starter projects to get the vocabulary while making a few mistakes, then see what happens. Folks around here can answer pretty nearly any question you might come up with if you can’t find a thread from somebody else who wondered the same thing.

Put the money I just saved you toward materials. Lots and lots of materials.



Ed is right. Spend money on materials.

Do the material tests until you really know how the stuff behaves. Wreck lots of perfectly good material - but consider starting with some free cardboard boxes.


YouTube is also your friend!

Russ Sader on Youtube has a couple hundred videos on lasers, mostly co2 but some on fiber. These are very good.

In the end you will develop your own techniques anyway, but videos are probably much easier to follow…

Lightburn also has a presence on Youtube.

I think it’s rather unanimous that you should save the money for materials and use the Internet to give you an idea of how to deal with anything specific…

Laser Everything has some good videos and most of it is free… I suggest this video to anyone with a laser… it says photo engraving, but it explains interval or dpi/lpi and how to figure it out for any laser with any material… You will use then and it’s critical not only for photograph recreations but about anything you do with lasers…

Good luck


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