Paint fill on MDF

I am researching how to do a paint fill following engraving on MDF. (product WBX21 wine box). The wine box has a matte black finish. I am planning on using masking tape during the engraving process following by paint. If I engrave too deep, I am concerned that the MDF will absorb the paint. If it the engraving is too shallow, then the paint will rub off.
Any tip/tricks or advice you can provide will be appreciated.

Do some tests first, simple as that.

Use a good painters tape, not just masking tape as this will help nstop any paint blead under the tape.

I have found 1 person that uses a primer on MDF projects before he paints. Should I follow this method?

Without knowing how wide your engraving is or what you plan to engrave (text, Image, detailed or flat?) and what look you want to achieve it’s very difficult to say yes or no, again I would suggest you run the project on some scrap MDF pieces and try with MDF primer or not.

MDF is a very porous material, a primer (proper MDF primer, not paint undercoat) will seal the surface and give you a smoother finish to your top coat. BUT you need to rub down/sand the primer once it’s dried to make it smooth. if your engraving is narrow and deep this might prove difficult or you could end up sanding sharp details out. If on the other hand your engravings are wide and open then this could give you a better finish for sure.

I’m sure you’re aware of the formaldehyde that a lot of MDF is cured with, and you fully understand the respiratory protection you, and anyone in the area needs to adhere to?

Two things:
I’ve had success spraying the masked engraving with clear matt lacquer, dries very fast, to seal the engraving prior to painting. Depending on the texture left behind after engraving, you may have to coat it a couple of times.

With regard to texture left behind: I mostly use HDF (high density fiberboard) when I can. Home centers don’t usually carry it. IMO HDF is superior to MDF for shaping an edge profile and for shop jigs.