Painted and Glazed Etch

I’m making a wine bar for a client and decided that I’d like to embellish it with a display sign. For this I cut a board that was about 4.5" x 20". Found a few different images and combined them and etched them into the Maple board using my diode laser.

After the etch I primed the board using my spray equipment. I had to push the primer into the etch as it resisted to flow in. Let it dry, scuff and then put a layer of white conversion varnish on it. After that dried I used a product called Amazing Glaze which is sprayed on and then taken off with an abrasive woven pad which removes the glaze from the flat areas and leaves it in the etched areas. Then a clear coat and it’s completed.


Es interesante la tècnica que utilizas, yo hago grabados en el cuero, también utilizo el color como soporte al grabado, logrando un contraste mayor que un simple grabado. Mi técnica consiste en tapar la zona de la imagen con una plantilla de cartulina en el momento de aplicar tinte Fiebing’s, así se conserva el color del material cómo blanco de la imagen, suele ser lo suficientemente claro como para crear contraste entre la imagen y el resto de la pieza, obteniendo un resultado más espectacular que un simple grabado sin contraste de color.

Here’s the cabinet installed which the laser etching I made is on.

My clients love it.


a nice sleekly finished cabinet, the image also benefits the cabinet

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