Painted soapstone

(Ed McGarr) #1

I was playing with a new design and made a large garden marker on slate. Did this on painted soapstone. Loving LightBurn!

(Allen Massey) #2

That is really unique and looks great. Can you share details about the process you used? (Where do you find soapstone, what type of paint, what laser settings etc). Thanks for sharing.

(Ed McGarr) #3

Hi Allen, 60w Chinese CO2. Sprayed white soapstone (cheaper version of Corian) black wirh .99 Lowes craft spray paint and put the laser at speed of 150 and 20% power. This is an 8×10. I did a large one on painted slate. Wife stole it and put it in her butterfly garden! That one is 14".

(Allen Massey) #4

Thanks, I thought you were talking about the natural soapstone (metamorphic rock). That is a really great idea to paint the corian like material first. I had tried just directly engraving corian and was not very happy with the results.

(Ed McGarr) #5

Allen, it’s not soapstone…senior moment… its called Candlestone. I knew I messed that up and hit send anyway…

(Allen Massey) #6

Ahhh, I know all about candlestone. I use lots of it making lithophanes on my CNC machine.

It used to be easy to get 1/4 inch sheets of candlestone but for the last year or so it has become more difficult to find at reasonable prices.