Painting before/after laser cutting

So I’ve been making quite a few laser cut signs lately and am wondering what everyone else has done to get clean paint lines.

My ideal finished product would have paint on the face of the wood but not on the sides (I would like the sides to remain dark/charred and blackish.) Take this sign as an example:

The word LINDY I would like the top of the letters to be white but the sides black/charred. If I leave it in the stencil/cutout and spray paint it or paint it with a roller/brush, it seems to get some paint on the sides near the top so not ideal.

Has anyone tried painting wood like this before cutting it, and then applying like a large painters tape or something to the surface to keep the surface clean, and then cut it?

I have done just what you suggested, but on my machine, the air assist is very good, so I get clean cuts with no smoke staining on the surface, so I have eliminated the taping process. But it should work the way you have stated.

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Maybe I’ll try without taping then! I have pretty good air assist as well so i might be ok, or worst case might be able to lightly use a magic eraser to get rid of any crud if there is some. What PSI do you normally cut with when using painted wood?

25PSI is what I normally use.

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Perfect thanks! Going to give it a go again with ore painted wood. Hope this works it will make my life really easy, and happy :slight_smile:

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Medium tack transfer tape (12” and 24” widths) is what I use when the surface must remain clean.

However, you should be able to wipe a painted surface clean using alcohol or similar.

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