Painting the substrate

I have seen a few Facebook posts talking about painting the substrate before engraving. One post discussed painting with white and then flat black…
Can someone explain this?

You might want to take a look at some of the posts from one of our members, Nicky Norton, on our Created with LightBurn facebook group. He has several processes he has documented.

The folks doing tiles start with a white tile, paint it black, and then laser with enough power to remove the paint.

It’s possible, with very careful power settings, to just remove one layer of paint, meaning you could paint something black, then white, then just laser off the white. This method is next to impossible to make repeatable - the power settings will be specific to the thickness of the paint application.

Nicky actually paints his white tiles white, and if I understand correctly, his diode laser burns the actual tile, using the white paint as a sort of catalyst or something.

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