Panel Change Ruida 6442 to 6445S

I changed today just the 6442 panel to a 6445S and left the hardware controller the same. Everything is working perfectly and smooth . The RDC is V8.01.68 and HMI V10.10.01.12. Is it mandatory to also change the hardware controller as well ? If I would have known before I would have just bought the panel. Do I miss out any functions if I leave the old 6442 controller hardware on the rotary ???
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Reinhold :sweat_smile:

I’d say no…

The functionality of the controller is in the controller, not it’s console… So I think it’s fair to say I’m not clear on what you are asking…

Do you get a normal display… the 6445 has a higher display resolution, for one…

Did you have to enlarge the ‘hole’ to fit it in?


it was a minimal correction of 1mm needed to insert the 6445S Panel into the existing cut out of the 6442. Certainly the outside panel is 30mm wider and now is 3mm over the right edge, but this is a minor problem. It is not true that running the 6445s panel on the former hardware controller will show a wrong resolution.In the meantime I have change the hardware controller to the 6445S one which was obviously easy as the connections are pin compatible the same so I just had to swap and plug in and out. 2 minutes and done. What really is stress when to switch on without correct vendor settings you have to disconnect the step motors or stop to prevent the step motors to move and crash…
Next challenge find the English language setup and then enter the Ip Address of the previous set in LightBurn . Ah ! Now Lightburn shows ready and connection with Ruida. Then I wrote the Vendor setting stored to the new Ruida hardware controller 6445s and everything is ok and behaving normal.
Again : The resolution didn’t change at all . only RDC is now V26.01.16 and HMI V10.10.01.12.

So my question is still alive . Is there only a firmware difference between the 6442 hardware controller to the 6445. Or do the vendor setting change the setup. I only have one laser head and in the vendor setting 2 Laser head are set true. Or I am completely misunderstanding…Maybe I should make some pictures , if I new better how


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