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I installed the Ortur Rotay YRR 3.0 for the first time and used the commands in the Lightburne console: $22=0; $141=600; and $101=80; - entered. The rotary runs perfectly.
Question: how do I get back to the original laser configuration? Do I have to delete the parameters or do other parameters have to be entered?
Thanks in advance

These are the proper steps

  1. save Edit → Machine Settings to a file
  2. change values to support the rotary
  3. save the current machine settings as a file specifically for the rotary

This creates two files. The first is your original factory settins, the second is the proper setings for your rotary.

When you use for the rotary, load the file and write the file to the controller. This will put the correct values into the controller…

When you wish to go back to the regular configuration, you read that file and write it back to the controller.

Make sense?

You have to re-enter them if you didn’t do step 1.

Some other user of these might be able to assist if you don’t have those numbers… but you should always save things before you modify them… or at least keep track of them.

Good luck


Vielen Dank für die Hilfe.
Jetzt ist aber eine neue Fehlermeldung aufgetreten. Wie kann ich diese löschen?


Der Befehl ‘$’ von Grbl kann nur verwendet werden, wenn Grbl IDLE ist. Gewährleistet einen reibungslosen Betrieb während eines Auftrags.

Many thanks for the help.
But now a new error message has appeared. How can I delete these?


Grbl’s ‘$’ command can only be used when Grbl is IDLE. Ensures smooth operation during a job.

To fast switch between settings, I recommend using two macros, each of them setting the values accordingly. See a screenshot here (maybe I have more explanations here: Rotary roller - Diode Laser Wiki) (also in German)

Mal den Laser neu starten bzw. Rechtsklick auf den Geräte-Knopf, das könnte helfen.

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