Part of Engraving is Burned

Hey everyone!

Several times over the last few days I’ve had an issue where part of an engraving looks like it was set to a much higher power than the rest even though it’s not. This has happened on several different files. Any ideas?

trixie.lbrn2 (42.5 KB)

Looks like somehow overscan isn’t working for the dark parts. Can you confirm that when observing the burn?

As an aside, “Fill shapes individually” for something like this is a bit of an odd choice. Any reason for doing so?

Not sure why it was set to that, but I can confirm this happens every time I use a z-offset UNLESS I have the layer set to “all at once”. The 1st thing engraves fine, then 2nd+ always burns.

Also: Isn’t it supposed to speed up over the areas it’s not engraving? I can put an engraving on each end of the bed and it’s the same speed from one engraving to the other, like one big engraving. It’s actually slower moving to the next item than it is engraving. I’ve messed with idle and acceleration speeds, but that seems to only work when cutting.

That’s odd. I know I’ve not experienced this but I’m not using a z-offset. I’ll try to reproduce this when I get a chance.

No. From what I’ve seen the entire scan runs at the same speed. I don’t know if there’s a machine setting that could potentially change this.

I ran a test burn for this and could not reproduce your results.

Laser bed dropped by offset, then proceeded to burn each portion of the name in accordance with “Fill shapes individually”. All looked equivalent and overscan functioned normally.

In terms of settings I have “Relative Z Moves” only configured in Device Settings and running LightBurn 1.3.01 on a Ruida 6442G.

Not sure what else might be contributing in your case.

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