Parte di un immagine (Part of an image)

Ho laserizzato un volto ma adesso ho la necessità di ripassare solo la parte naso. E’ possibile? Grazie

From Google translate:

I lasered a face but now I need to go over only the nose part. It’s possible? Thank you

Hi, not exactly sure without a screenshot but if you mean you want to burn the nose part again, you can use the slider in the ‘preview’ until you get it where you want it and select ‘start here’ and in the drop-down menu ‘start job from here’ or ‘send job to laser from here’ whichever you normally use.
and just stop the laser when it’s done what you want.


Ti ringrazio enormemente però procedendo in questo modo non laserizzo solo la parte naso ma anche tutto quello che c’è ai lati. Chiedevo se c’era uno modo per selezionare solo ed esclusivamente il naso. Grazie comunque per la disponibilità.

From Google translate:

I thank you enormously, however, by proceeding in this way, I do not laser only the nose part but also everything on the sides. I was wondering if there was a way to select only and exclusively the nose. Thanks anyway for your availability.

You may be able to use Tools->Apply mask to image to limit the area enough for your needs.


grazie. Questo penso si una buona soluzione. Provo e ti faccio sapere. grazie ancora

thank you. I think this is a good solution. I’ll try and let you know. Thanks again

ci sono riuscito. grazie mille

I did it. A thousand thanks

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