Partially fill a welded cutout object

Hello there,

I made this Ornamented Capital N for my daughter, with in the middle her name NELE, which I welded to the upper- and lower sections of the capital N.

My plan was to have this all cut out, but with the middle section NELE filled black, the capital to stay blank.

But by welding NELE to the Capital, there is only one layer-setting possible.
Or am i missing something?

Greetings from Belgium!

Yes. That’s correct.

If you want to engrave the NELE part create another layer with NELE in it and do a fill operation. Align the 2nd layer to the 1st.


Thanks! :+1:

I’ll just have to remember in the future to make more duplicates of ‘parts’ or ‘layers’ and put them aside of the lightburn-workspace for later use if needed, before doing welding operations…. :crossed_fingers:

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