Pass Count issue

While trying to cut a project I have the Pass Count set to 5. It does the first 5 passes but then reverses and does another 5 passes in the opposite direction for a total of 10. I can’t seem to figure out why it is doing this all of a sudden. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You would need to send the LBRn so we can take a look
But is there any chance that you have 2 of the same objects stacked?

Select ALL (edit > select all)
Then EDIT → Delete duplicated. Does it detect any duplicated objects?

i will check. i am trying to cut 2 sides for a box and I took the image and duplicated it.

a trick you might do - to vizualize the issue - is open your preview
Pull the slider to the back then slowlly go through it

But for sure its doing what you said, by having 2 lines stacked it will cut twice
Direction change seems to be more based on the optimization of the paths

okay… so It says No duplicates found. I did the preview and it clearly shows it doing the 5 passes and then doing another 5 in the opposite direction. I just now tested a different cut project and it works as advertised.

it won’t find duplicates unless both shapes match exactly

in doubt you can post your LBRN and we can look at it

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