Pass counts on lightburn

hi, is it possible to see how many passes lightburn has done ? like if your doing 200 passes can lightburn show it as its doing a pass like counting down so you know how many has been done

As far as I know Lightburn does not wait for an acknowledgement from laser what it has completed so would have no way of knowing when a pass has completed.

Yes, it does show you what pass it is on. Look where it shows % complete. I think it is right below that number. It shows what layer it is on and what the pass count is.

It uses the step in the program. It does not need feedback.

I don’t see that on mine all I have is time showing how long it’s been running

You have to be in cuts/layers


Yeah I’m in there no mention of pass counts on mine

What you are looking at is parts of the layer values set by you … you can also change the pass count in the layer, same thing.


I have only ever used that for setting number of passes to run, never noticed it counting down as a job is running.

Mine doesn’t move when running

I think you should be looking in the console window when the laser is running, that will tell which pass you are on… not on my laser at the moment but wil check later…

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