Pass through option

Eleksmaker pro A3 2,5 watt GRBL 1.1e…mana se ver 3.1
Hi… When I import a photo that has been…“pre dithered” On cut I check pass through
speed 1000 mm/min…power 25% (20% beam just comes on"
size 45 mm x 45 mm!
Problem is it’s been over an hour and is only 30% complete
Nothing but a black charred mess so far…
Trying to adjust speed has no effect

any thoughts Thanks

You say the size is 45mm. If my numbers are right, that means you’re trying to produce about 1100 dots per inch. (2032 pixels / 45mm = 45.15 dots per mm, x 25.4 = 1100ish) There is no way your laser’s beam spot is that small - you might get 500 DPI, but even that is optimistic. That’s the biggest problem.

The other is that a Mana SE is an 8 bit processor running at 16MHz, and has a limit to how fast it can process GCode. At a peak density of 45 GCode instructions per millimeter, if you were trying to run this at 16.6mm/sec, that would be 750 GCode instructions per second. A Mana SE can probably do about 500 or a little better, so you’re in the right neighborhood there, but the DPI is so high that it’s going to take forever to get through this, and unless you drop the DPI of the original you won’t be able to process it any faster.


It would also be worthwhile seeing if you can alter Sean’s script to NOT do the dithering for you at all, as then you could use grayscale, which is much more appropriate for a diode system than dithering, and you wouldn’t have to use the pass-through option, which would make it significantly easier to play with size and DPI after processing. There’s nothing special about the dithering applied by PSP, so letting LightBurn do the final dither isn’t going to hurt anything.

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As a matter of fact I am playing with his script…Thanks again Lads
I usually use Jarvis and have had great success…but always open to new ideas
But then again If it aint broke don;t fix it…:wink::wink:

I mean, I am Oz… :slight_smile:

That overlap number may also depend on the material, and the speed you’re going (you get more heat spread at lower speeds).

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overlap number???
I not sure what that is

I meant, the width of the output, and therefore the amount of overlap you get between scanning lines will reduce a little as you go faster, and on different materials.

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Thanks OZ

any idea what the beam size is for 2,5 watt diode

Just tried 1000mm/min at .175 interval…could clearly see 6 lines

width was approx 0.9 mm

so that would roughly be 0.15mm

I don’t know - the best bet is to measure it, like you’re doing, and run some image tests.

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My 2.8watt is .006 - .008” spot size

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By chance you wouldn’t happen to know of a replacement controller that is faster than the Mana se

You would need a 32 bit controller - the Cohesion3D LaserBoard is one option. Most people so far use it with CO2 Lasers, but it is possible for it to run diode lasers and I’d be happy to discuss how to get that to work if you are interested.

thks raykholo…the cost of the board is almost what I paid for my whole unit…I’ll just live with I got now…maybee upgrade to a Bigger better down the road…:+1::+1::+1: