Passes in Console are speeding up or jumping ahead?

I’m test cutting wood passes and to get a good count, to avoid over passing I am noticing that in the console that before my laser makes one pass it’s speeding up to 5 passes, as if lightburn is stating it’s on pass 5 when it’s only on one full cycle around the shape. Is this normal? If I say have it set to make 12 passes total by the time I manually count the passes it’s already at 12 and the laser isn’t near done the passes. Hope that makes sense?

I just noticed this happening more and more and not sure why? Just curious if maybe I have something set wrong?

Hope that makes sense?

Nope, not a bit of it.

what is ‘over passing’?
what does speed have to do with passes - as in ‘before my laser makes one pass it’s speeding up to 5 passes’?


OK so say you set a shape to do 20 passes , 20 times around the entire shape right. I have a diode and my laser on certain thicknesses of wood has to make either 4 passes or 20 to get thru fully.

When the laser makes 1 pass, with me watching it and counting manually with my eyes (Glasses on) the console is speeding up saying it’s already on like 5 passes around the shape and so forth. Each pass I assume is one full time around the shape either circle, rectangle etc right?

If I have the cut set at 20 cycles (Passes) around the shape, the console says it’s at 20 meaning it’s done it’s passes but its only on like its 5th time around the shape.

Over passing sorry meant to say my settings to cut many of the same shapes out of wood only takes 10 times around the piece. I use the console to detect when the shape drops from the cut wood. I then add 2 more times to the total to be safe once I get the count in the console this example the total would be 12 passes or times around the shape I’m cutting out of wood. I don’t want the laser wasting time going around a project say 8 extra times when it doesn’t have to and it thus cuts down on run time. That’s what I meant by “Over Passes”. meant going around the shape more times than it has to since it’s already fully cut.

Does that help?

This morning I started a job and as soon as I hit start the console already said it was on pass 5 out of10 before it even finished it’s first time around the shape. Each pass in the console for using the line setting is 1 full time around the shape is it not?

I can easily use my eyes to count with glasses on but sometimes I try to rely on the console line passes in case I miss count. Just noticed the pass count in lightburn lately has been speeding up and never noticed that before happening that’s all.

What is the shape?

LightBurn displays the pass / layer being sent to the laser, and the controller has a buffer that can contain anywhere from 15 to 30 commands (normal 8 bit GRBL) to several hundred (Mini-Gerbil, Ortur, C3D).

If the shapes are simple enough to be represented by just a few GCode instructions, LightBurn could report sending them quite a while before the controller processes the corresponding commands.

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Thanks Oz sorry for the late reply. Just seen this. The shapes vary. None are circles if that helps. So I guess that’s most likely what it could be. Just odd that a single pass around any shape if using the Line feature for say cutting you would think in the console 1 pass is one full time from where it started. This is not the case. By the time it makes 1 full revolution its like on it’s 4th pass in console

Say I have one shape set to 20 passes. 20 times around the entire project it always ends on 20 passes which lead me to ask the question. It appears at least in my small brain that the console is way ahead of the actual laser itself?

All good though I can manually count the passes just was nice to use the console.

The console is ahead of the laser, yes. This is normal, and expected, because the laser buffers a bunch of data before it’s executed. It’s not really possible for LightBurn to know exactly what the laser is processing, so it’ll always be a compromise.

Gotcha thanks Oz. Appreciate it and always for your help

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