Passthrough vs Threshold

Still playing with different settings for doing photos
From some of my testing It appears that Threshold and Passthrough appear to do the same thing for a BMP image…except for power control

Passthrough tells LightBurn to not do any processing of the image and “passes” it “through” LightBurn without touching it. Any appearance that the output is the “same thing” is only a coincidence. Threshold, as defined in the documentation, is:

a simple on / off switch if the image is dark / bright at a given location. This should only be used for images that are two-color black/white to begin with, like an image you dithered outside of LightBurn. Don’t use this mode for grayscale or color images.

Passthrough forces the DPI to exactly match the image, so you get one ‘dot’ to the laser for each pixel in the source image, period. If you scale up the image in LightBurn, the DPI scales with it.

Threshold is a simple black / white cutoff, but it still does the internal resampling in LightBurn if you scale it or change the DPI.

Passthrough forces threshold because it’s meant for externally dithered images. Threshold, on the other hand, does not imply passthrough.

Thank you…

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