Path To Text (Alignment)

Hi Guys,
I’ve created regular shaped ellipse specifying Height & Width.
Then created an Inward Offset which I’ve used to anchor some text which was centered to the ellipse.
My problem is that the resultant attached text is mis-aligned to the right in spite of my efforts to ensure everything was centered.
Have I missed something obvious here?
LB v1.4.05
Win 11 Home

You can curve text then center where you want.

Text position after being applied to a path is not based on geometric proximity to the original shape.

It’s based on relative distance to the start node of the shape attached to. So either rotate the shape accordingly or redefine the initial position of the shape by breaking the shape where you want the initial position to be.

Take a look at this screenshot. Note the initial position node of the shape. Note that text was configured to Align X to middle.

Another view sharing similar. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response.
If you check the bottom screenshot of mine you’ll notice the start node is horizontally centered at the bottom and the text is also horizontally centered.
Ok, in the midst of typing this reply I thought I’d try again from scratch and it worked out as expected. I guess something happened while I was rotating and resizing.
Feeling a bit silly now. :unamused:
Thanks guys.

Can one apply path to shapes? For example, if I wanted to have rectangle tabs or a [Lightburn-created] star shape to follow a path, can that be done?

LightBurn does offer this function. :slight_smile: Take a look at ‘Copy Along Path’.

Here is some fun history.

And we have recently updated this feature.

From 1.4.04

  • Copy along path function now uses nearest point on path as starting point
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