Path to text not active

trying to create a curved text but my path to text button is not activated? what do I do ?

Please tell us how you tried to do this.

Here is our documentation for the procedure to apply a path to text. Fonts and Text - LightBurn Software Documentation

I was watching your tutorial.
and following along but my apply path to text was not an available option

Sorry, but maybe I should have been a bit clearer. You are still not telling us exactly what you did, and in what order. Saying “I followed…” is not showing the exact steps taken. I can use this feature here as expected, yet you say you can not. I need you to show me, so we can reproduce or offer suggestions to help correct your workflow so it works as you’d like.

You create text, then you create a path to put the text on, and select both the text, and the path, and nothing else. Right-click, and the option should be available.

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